Medical Marijuana Delivery Service FAQ’s:


Q: Is Your Delivery Service FREE?

A: Yes, we offer FREE MARIJUANA DELIVERY to any location in the city of San Francisco.

Q: Is Medical Marijuana Delivery Legal?

A: Yes, Foggy Daze Delivery Service is a CA registered non-profit company operating in strict compliance with Califonia Health and Safety Code: 11362.5(B)(I)(A) & 11632.7(H). We are also registered with the City of San Francisco. Foggy Daze Delivery pays all of its taxes and so should you.


Q: Are Your Services Confidential?

A: Yes, All of our records and service history are %100 private and confidential. We will never provide your personal information to anybody for any reason. All information is encrypted and stored securely for your protection. Our staff is experienced in dealing with high profile clients that require an extra degree of anonymity.


Q: Where Do You Deliver?

A: We currently offer FREE Delivery to any location in the City of San Francisco during our normal business hours. Special Medical Marijuana Deliveries can be arranged throughout the SF Bay Area. Please contact us in advance to arrange a delivery outside San Francisco.


Q: Can I Order as Much Cannabis as I Want?

A: Unfortunately Medical Marijuana Patients are currently limited to purchasing 1oz of Marijuana Buds or equivalent / customer / day. This is set forth in Ca Prop 215 and we must abide.

Q: Do You Offer Disability or Vetran’s Discounts?

A: Yes, those patients who suffer from medical condition that causes them to be disabled and those people who have developed a condition as a result of serving in the military will receive discounts of 10%

Q: What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

A: We currently accept Cash Only

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